All in God's timeing, and for His purpose...

Our trip from Immanuel Baptist to Temple Baptist in Midland TX started as they all do, Quiet and uneventful. However about 6 hours into the trip, the first signs of trouble reared its head, and a couple hours later, we found ourselves stranded at a rest area just inside the Oklahoma state line. It turns out that the transmission in our Motorhome had decided it no longer had any desire to travel any further...

Through this mishap, we were able to first hand see God's love and care for us! We regularly tell others we know that God will provide, but through this, we got to see his work in situations we had absolutely no ability to change or fix. The repairs and additional costs totaled more than $2000.00, and living meeting to meeting there was no way we could cover a bill like that. However, very quickly God used many breathen to meet this need! All those who helped are greatly appreciated, however there is one ministry I want to make sure gets more than just a mention. Good Shepherd Baptist Missions, Bro. Mark Gostlin of Good Shepherd contacted us early on and with great regularity stayed in contact, starting with making sure we were in a safe location, and then helping with trying to find someone to do the repairs. From there they helped raise funds tword the repair. but all through the repair and even afterwards, he has been in regular contact to make sure our needs have been met. One never wants to go through problems like this, but if we ever do again, we will be sure to contact this ministry! If you are a missionary that finds yourself broke down, do not hesitate to contact them: 1-800-226-9391. We were able to witness to several people we would normally not have encountered like the Tow Driver, the mechanics and several others. The repair took a little over a week, and we were blessed to be able to spend it with our Daughter and grandchildren, and we were able to get back on the road.



Well we were blessed to be a part of this camp meeting, April 16,2017 -April 20,2017. There were a total of 38 Preachers there and most of them had the opportunity to preach, each one brought a great message. During the meetings we saw 2 rededicate their lives to God, and in addition there were 3 that made professions! Praise God! Also although we do not have direct word, we did here that there was  1 that accepted Christ though watching the live stream of the services! God was there in his house and his spirit was moving. We was told by one missionary that because of our ministry their little one year old grandson got to see his poppa preach and said hi to him that was a blessing to hear this. There was great fellowship as well and we were able to spend time with old friends as we made new ones. During the meeting week, we were able to re-letter the church van for them.


Elliott Baptist Church Grenada,Ms.

We were able to be here at Elliott Baptist Church from April 8,2017 though April 14,2017. Our Primary reason for the visit was to minister and spend time minister with a shut-in named Gloria whom we have had the pleasure of becoming fast friends with. We were also able to provide computer support and spend some much needed fellowship time with Pastor Larry Brinker, his family and a few of our other friends.


A Car, a Tornado and God's timing

Well our stay here at BLMF and the bible barn was extended, by the most unexpected of circumstances but all to God's Glory.It all started with our meeting with Pastor Reeves, and our mention that our car was not as reliable as we would like. He remembered that a member of his had mentioned that they had access to a car that could be donated. So even though we were scheduled to leave on Tuesday, we decided to extend one more day to investigate this opportunity. It turned out not to be a fit for us so we planned to head out the next morning. However As we were preparing to leave that morning, we received a call warning us of bad weather heading into Georgia and that we should once again delay our travel. Funny thing is, by staying we were actually in the path of an EF1 tornado right here a the BLMF Bible Barn. Because of the delay we felt led to just forgo our trip int Georgia altogether and just wait and head out to the next stop on that Saturday. This delay allowed us to help with several minor projects around the barn, but most importantly, it allowed us to help with the collation of nearly 5000 bibles for shipment to the mission field, they were running behind and were short handed, the Lord allowed us to fill that need, but more than that, while the collator was running, it had a failure, With the Lords Grace and wisdom, I was able to trace the fault and get the machine back up and running so that production could continue. Had we not been delayed, the Bibles would not have been done and the the repair would have had to wait several day to get a qualified repairman in to do the work. It amazes me each time I see God and his timing in our lives.


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